Common Causes Of Grocery Store Slip And Fall Accidents

Fall-related accidents can sometimes result in serious injuries, especially for young children and senior citizens. Unfortunately, many of these falls take place in some of the most public establishments, such as grocery stores. Establishments like these have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are provided with a safe environment, and in the event that this particular responsibility is not met and the customer is injured, the establishment can be held responsible for any personal injury damages that are incurred as a result. So, why do slip and falls happen at grocery stores?

Cracked or Uneven Pavement

In a number of cases, slip and fall accidents will occur before a customer ever has a chance to enter the grocery store. These falls are a result of pavement that has cracked or become uneven due to settling. When something like this happens, the store can potentially be held liable even if the slip and fall incident occurs outside of the store because the accident still takes place on the premises.

Wet Floors

It is not uncommon for customers to encounter wet floors in a supermarket. Wet floors can occur due to rain, leaks, spills, or a number of other reasons. In many cases, grocery store staff does not realize that these spills are on the floor until a customer becomes injured.

Missing Wet Floor Signs

Regardless of why the floor of a grocery store is wet, it is imperative that these areas be clearly marked by the establishment. If they are not clearly marked with a custodial sign or hazard tape and a customer slips, falls, and injured themselves, the grocery store may be able to be held responsible.

Bunched Up or Damaged Mats or Rugs

Grocery stores often place floor mats or rugs at the store entrance and product sections in an effort to catch water drips and spills. Unfortunately, these rugs and mats tend to bunch up and/or snap the feet of customers, which can lead to customers tripping and potentially injuring themselves.

While all of the above can be prevented by the grocery store with proper cleanup and maintenance routines, this often is not the case. If you have suffered a slip or trip and fall as the result of negligence at a grocery store or other similar establishment, you may be entitled to compensation for the medical expenses, lost income, and general pain and suffering that you have incurred. For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer.