Are Hidden Financial Problems Ruining Your Marriage? Protect Yourself And Your Kids With A Divorce And Child Custody Attorney

Dealing with a struggling marriage and conversations of divorce can be very difficult, but if you've discovered your spouse has been hiding years of debt from you, you need to meet with a lawyer. You want to know your financial obligations, how to deal with the debt, and what the best options are for a divorce.

You want to find a lawyer that will represent you, and if you are considering divorce or separation, your spouse should get their own representation. Here are the things to discuss in your legal assessment.

Amount of Debt

If you are having a difficult time getting to the bottom of the debt or finding out how much there is, your lawyer will have to do some digging. They also may have to request the information from your spouse, in the form of a legal court order or request. The lawyer may find that there are debts in your name, that you are responsible for as shared marital finances, and more.

Options for Debt Relief

After assessing the amount of debt you have, the lawyer will go through your options for relief. This could be:

  • Suing your spouse for fraud or theft
  • Claiming bankruptcy
  • Debt settlement

Some of this may have to be determined after you and your spouse decide that you're going to end your marriage. If your spouse was involved in criminal activity, and that's why there is so much debt, or if they used your signature, identity, or consent illegally, you may have to press charges.

Mediation Options

There are a lot of cost savings when you can settle a divorce through mediation, instead of having to go to court. If you are most concerned about settling your debts and getting control of your finances, have your lawyer reach out to your spouse's lawyer about mediation. This doesn't just lower the expenses of the divorce but can also save time.

Custody Concerns

Child custody can be a concern if you have children involved in the case. If you have immediate custody concerns while starting the divorce process, see if you can have an agreement drawn up by your attorney and then signed by your spouse.

If there is anything wrong with them that makes them a risk to be around the children, you may have to file for custody or a protective order. You may be able to use the financial strain as an opportunity to get the kids. Common custody agreements can be one day a week and every other weekend for the non-main guardian, or one three-day weekend every other week.

Marriage problems and surprise money woes can be stressful and overwhelming. Talk with a lawyer, such as Kenneth J. Molnar, to find out what action you need to take today. Don't wait until there are more financial problems to get help.