Denied Social Security? How To Get Your Application Approved

Getting denied after going through the rigorous and time-consuming process of applying for Social Security benefits can be disheartening, but moving forward from that point is vital. Many, many applicants get denied on their initial try, so you are not alone. What's more, the application process can be very confusing, so being denied doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have a legitimate medical condition that deserves approval, just that you probably made a mistake on your claim form. Instead of getting down about the denial, take quick action and get your claim scheduled for an appeal hearing. The most important step you can take right now is to get some legal help with your appeal. Read on for some good reasons to use an attorney to help you get your claim approved.

Time is of the essence

Once you receive that denial letter from the Social Security Administration, you will need to take action quickly, or face going through the entire application process all over again. Unless you can show proof that you were physically unable to file for the appeal, such as being seriously ill or hospitalized, you will miss your opportunity to apply for an appeal to your claim. From the time the denial letter is sent to you in the mail, you have only 60 days to file for an appeal. Having a Social Security attorney take charge of your appeal means never missing that deadline or any other paperwork requests.

You must show proof of your medical condition

Many applicants underestimate the need to show proof of their medical condition using medical records, and this is a frequent cause of denials. Getting that proof can be challenge, given the need to contact multiple medical facilities and physicians. The records must be procured in a timely manner, and they must be complete. Social Security attorneys are skilled at that and have vast experience in ensuring that you are able to get those important records quickly and efficiently.

Your appeal hearing can be nerve-racking

Going alone and appearing before a Social Security hearing officer can be incredibly intimidating, and often applicants don't fully understand what that hearing officer needs to hear in order to approve the claim. Your attorney will know what to do and how to prepare you for your time at the hearing, which will help ease your fears and get your claim approved successfully.

To get more information about how having an attorney at your side during the appeals process could work well for you, talk to a Social Security attorney as soon as you know your application has been denied. Contact a business such as A Affordable Attorney Gerling Law Group for more information.