Getting Back To Compensation: Dealing With A Herniated Disc

If you've been hurt in a car wreck, a back injury can bring more than a fair share of misery and pain. Injuries to the back can affect the entire body, making the smallest of movements agony for those suffering from an impact. This type of injury may not heal quickly and could cause you to put your life on hold for a long period of time. Read on to learn more a common back condition and how to get the money damages you need for it.

Why do I have discs in my back?

A disc is just a small round piece of spongy matter that acts as a sort of shock absorber for your spine. You have several discs separating each bone of your spinal column, running from your tailbone to your neck. Not only do these discs protect your spine from sudden movements and impact, they also work to ensure that the important and many nerve clusters that wind their way around your spinal column stay safe and undisturbed.

Knowing this, you can only imagine what could happen to your discs when you get injured. When a disc gets displaced, you have what is called a "slipped disc" and when that disc ruptures, you have a herniated disc. All body functions break down gradually as you age, and spinal columns and discs can begin to suffer from arthritis eventually. An abrupt injury, however, can speed up that process and may require extensive treatment to mend.

What should you do?

You will definitely know about damage to a disc, and when the problem is severe, the pain and discomfort may not go away without surgery. Your orthopedist may try less invasive treatments first like steroid shots, pain relievers, and physical therapy. Additionally, heat, ice, stretching, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy may be tried. Finally, spinal fusion surgery will become your last option for pain relief. With this, an opening is made (often two openings; one for the instruments and one for the camera) and the bad disc is removed and replaced with a synthetic disc material.

Getting compensation

Take action quickly after your wreck, and get an auto accident lawyer on your case from the beginning. Your medical treatment is vital, not only to your health but to your personal injury case, so keep all appointments and keep good records of all expenses. You are entitled to personal property reimbursement, pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and more. The only way to be properly compensated for a herniated disc caused by a careless driver is by filing suit, so speak to an attorney today.