What Happens If You Do Not Go To Court After Getting Bailed Out Of Jail?

If you get arrested and decide to go through a bail bondsman to get out of jail by paying the bond, you are agreeing to go to court whenever scheduled. Failing to do so will result in problems, and here are several things you should know about this.

A Bail Bondsman Pays Your Bail in Exchange for You Following the Court's Orders

Bail bondsmen are companies you can go to when you do not have the cash you need to get out of jail. When you do this, they will pay your bail for you, and you will have to put a small deposit down or give them some type of collateral. The reason bail bondsmen do this is to make money. When they offer bail for someone, they will get it all back when the person goes to court, plus they earn a fee from the person they bailed out. The problem arises when the person who was bailed out does not attend the required court hearings.

The Court May Give You Some Leniency

If you fail to go to court for an honest mistake, the court may give you some leniency with it, and this would relieve the problems you would have with the bail bondsman, but you should realize that this rarely occurs. When this typically happens, the court will issue a warrant for the person's arrest, simply because they have not complied with the court's order.

You Will Owe the Bail Bondsman the Money

If the court does not give you leniency with this, you should realize that you will owe the bail bondsman the money that they spent to bail you out of jail. Failing to pay this will only result in more problems, and you will already have enough problems on your hands if you did not appear in court on the scheduled date.

Because of this, the best thing you can do is to go to your court hearing if you hired a bail bondsman to bail you out. This is the easiest way to settle the debt, and it is also the best thing to do for your legal case.

Getting put in jail is not a pleasant event in life, but there are times when it happens. If you are in this position and cannot find a way to get out of jail, you should contact a bail bondsman like Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds today for help.