Control Your Litigation Cost: Save Money On Court Reporting

Accuracy is essential in any legal matter. For this reason, court reporting services are equally crucial to ensure that all information is collected correctly. However, at the same time, legal processes are also sometimes costly. So, as an attorney, you understand that controlling cost wherever possible is helpful. There are ways that you can keep your court reporting costs lower, while still ensuring accuracy; here are some of them.

Deposition Schedule

Court reporters offer onsite services. As a result, they have to travel to the client to perform their functions. The court reporter must be reimbursed for these travel expenses. If you have multiple parties to depose, try to schedule some of the depositions on the same day so that you aren't paying for numerous days of travel for the court reporter. In addition to saving money, this step can also cut down on your time commitment, as well. 

Digital Formats

Rely on digital formats for your reports. Modern systems allow the reporter to capture everything in a digital form. If you request a paper copy of the record, the reporter must then convert the digital format into paper format. The process comes with extra cost and added time. Digital files can be sent to you more readily and typically without an added cost. You can update the record to a paper copy if necessary in the future on your own.  

Video Conference

Always remember that a court reporter does not have to be in the room. A qualified reporter can operate from anywhere. Consider relying on a video conference if you need to keep your cost low for a particular case. The reporter can review the video feed and perform the same services that they would if they were in the room with you, but likely for a smaller fee. For a deposition that requires international travel, video conferencing the reporter in can be especially helpful for cost control.

Confidential Designation

Ensure you know what information within the deposition deserves a confidential label before the process begins. If you have to designate the confidential information after the fact, the reporter will have to go back over the entire report and highlight and redact the necessary information. Going back over the information is time-consuming and may increase your costs. If you provide this information in real time, as the information is being presented, the reporter can perform these steps right away. 

You can control your litigation expenses, which is both helpful to you and your client.  Apply these tips whenever you need court reporting services. Contact a service, like Farrell Court Reporting, for more help.