Avoid These Child Custody Mistakes When Seeking A Divorce

Some couples decide that divorce is the best option instead of staying married in an unhappy partnership. When you have kids, divorce can be a bit more complex and you need to make special custody arrangements. It's important to make the right choices as you go through the divorce process so that you don't make child custody mistakes. Hiring a divorce custody lawyer can help you have more success. Here are some child custody mistakes that you will want to avoid when seeking divorce: 

Not Putting Your Kids 1st

When you go through the divorce process and you have children, their needs should really be a top priority and you should make them number 1. Don't go into the divorce process thinking that you want to seek revenge or not considering the needs of your kids. Doing so may mean that you don't get a desirable result. Your divorce custody lawyer will make sure that your kids are top of mind and focus at all times. 

Not Communicating and Not Working Together

Just because you're getting a divorce doesn't mean that you can completely ignore your partner. You need to work together and communicate throughout the divorce process and as you work through temporary and permanent custody changes. Don't communicate only through your children. Instead, be adults and be clear and communicative to each other. 

Ignoring Temporary Custody Orders

Your temporary custody orders need to be followed. When you ignore them, it can create big problems. It may also mean that you don't get the custody agreement that you have in mind when it comes time to make permanent orders. You want to show that you can respect the orders that are in place. 

Not Hiring an Attorney

You need to hire an attorney. You may think that it's too expensive, but not hiring a lawyer can cost you much more. You may end up in a difficult situation and you may not get primary custody or a custody agreement that meets your needs or goals.

Not Documenting

You need to keep documentation of your communication between your partner, your custody time with your kids, and how your kids are acting through the whole ordeal. Without documentation, it can be hard to prove wrongdoing or end up with results that you feel are fair.

Don't make these mistakes. If you're going through a divorce and you want to make sure that you handle the custody situation well, reach out to a divorce custody lawyer