Learn What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Slander

When you think of someone suffering a personal injury, you may conjure up images of a person in a cast, in a wheelchair, or physically injured in any other number of ways. However, there is another type of personal injury someone can suffer and that is slander. Slander is an injury that is thrust upon someone from another person and it can negatively impact the victim's life in many ways. Keep reading to learn more about slander, some of the problems it can cause for the victim, and why you should get a lawyer if you have found yourself victimized by way of slander. 

What is slander?

Slander is stating a false comment about someone as if it were fact when doing so causes a negative reaction that damages the victim's reputation. Slander means that the false statement was spoken. Libel is another form of slander, but the term libel indicates that the slander was in written form, such as in a newspaper article or on a website. It's important to keep in mind that in order for something to qualify as an act of slander, the things said about someone must be stated as factual and not as an opinion or hearsay. For example, if someone said they heard a rumor that someone had a facelift, this would be gossip, but it would not be slanderous because of the wording used. 

What are some examples of slander that could be said about someone?

If someone told others they saw a certain person having an affair and this led to the person's spouse hearing this information and filing for a divorce, then the one who made this claim could be sued for slander. 

If someone were to tell people that they knew a certain individual had a sexually transmitted illness and this damaged the person's reputation, thus causing them to suffer emotionally and possibly even financial problems, then the one who stated this claim could be sued. 

If someone made a claim that they found out a local doctor wasn't actually licensed and the doctor's business and reputation suffered, then this could lead to a lawsuit. 

Why should you get a lawyer if you are the victim of slander?

Since slander has to do with spoken words causing losses or other hardships for the victim, these cases can be challenging. However, a personal injury lawyer will know how to put the case together in a way that clearly exhibits just how the slanderous statements affected their client. They will know how to track down witnesses and other information that they can use to build their case. If you feel you are the victim of slander, you want to make sure you get a lawyer. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.