3 Theft Charges A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Defend You Against

In most jurisdictions, it's against the law to take somebody's property without their consent and never return it to them. You could face jail time, fines, or other severe consequences if you're arrested for this crime. Unfortunately, you may be wrongly accused of stealing somebody's property. A criminal defense lawyer can defend you against these charges and get them dropped or reduced if this is the case. Keep reading to learn about three theft charges these lawyers can defend you against.


Shoplifting is a common crime that occurs in the country. It happens when an individual walks away with goods from a store without paying for them. You could also be charged for this crime if you carry items out of a shop without the shop owner's consent. If you conceal whatever you have stolen, the penalty for your actions could even be much more significant. 

An attorney can defend you if you're innocent. They can check the surveillance footage and prove to the jury that it's not you who committed the act or that it was an accident. If you did carry the goods out of the store without paying, they'll use several defenses to get your case dismissed. For example, they may claim that you were not in your right state of mind because you were intoxicated.


Fraud can occur when somebody uses deception rather than violence to steal property. It happens when an individual embezzles funds, makes a fake currency, or deceives another person into giving them their property through dubious ways. Although violence isn't involved in fraudulent actions, you could face several consequences if found guilty of this crime.  

Criminal lawyers are experienced in investigating and handling fraud cases. If you're charged for this crime, they'll do their due diligence to determine if you committed it or not. They'll find a way to get you off the hook through several pieces of evidence and plausible arguments. However, if the proof against you is so glaring, they may get into a plea bargain on your behalf to get your sentence reduced. 


This crime occurs when an individual uses force, threats, and intimidation to steal someone's property. It often involves the use of weapons such as guns and knives. Penalties for robbery are much heavier than those for other theft charges. A lawyer can defend you against these charges. They'll argue that you have no criminal records and present a strong alibi in your favor to convince the judges. 

Being accused of theft can be so stressful. The penalties accompanying such charges are always severe and can scare anyone. Fortunately, a criminal defense lawyer can use several defense tactics to get your case dismissed. Contact them today if you want to get the best outcome.