5 Ways a Lawyer Can Prove You Deserve Social Security Disability Benefits

Filling out the paperwork for Social Security disability can be overwhelming, and it's easy to accidentally omit important information or make other mistakes. Even if you fill out everything correctly, there is no guarantee you will get approved for disability payments. Social Security disability law is complex, and it's easy to feel lost or confused. That's why it's wise to hire an experienced Social Security disability lawyer or attorney. Here are five ways a Social Security attorney can help improve your chances of getting approved for benefits or maximize your existing benefits.

1) Double-checking your eligibility

Sometimes you may not qualify for disability, even if you are disabled. That's because resources, such as income from a part-time job or financial assets, can affect your eligibility. A Social Security disability attorney can review your paperwork and make sure that you qualify for the benefits you are seeking. If you don't, then your attorney can let you know why, as it may be a simple fix.

2) Gathering medical evidence

When you contact a lawyer, bring a copy of your health history or let your lawyer know how to access your medical records. Your Social Security lawyer will look at your medical records, as well as other evidence such as lab test results, to better understand how disabling your condition can be.

The more evidence you have, the better. Your medical records can help prove that you are disabled enough to receive Social Security benefits.

3) Submitting updated paperwork

If your condition changes or your medical records are not up to date, a lawyer can help you submit updated paperwork. This is important because Social Security will want to know about any changes in your health status or treatments that may affect your disability case.

4) Helping you appeal the decision

If you don't get approved for benefits, don't get too discouraged. You can appeal the decision and have a Social Security disability law firm help you prepare for an appeal hearing. Your attorney will carefully review your case and make sure you present the best evidence possible to prove that you deserve disability benefits.

5) Ensuring you get all the benefits you deserve

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer knows how to maximize your benefits. They will look at the amount of past-due benefits you are entitled to, also known as disability arrears or backpay, and make sure that you get all the financial support you deserve. This is especially helpful if you've been waiting years for disability approval.