The Three Aspects Needed for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

There may come a day where you are injured by another person and feel the need to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, the qualifications for such a lawsuit are not limited to just being injured. There are actually three aspects that are needed if you have any hope to receive compensation for your injury. The Percentage of Fault The first thing to look at is what percentage of fault each person has in the accident. Read More 

Red Flags That an Employee Has Filed a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

It would be wonderful if all the employees took their jobs seriously and no one was ever out to get something they don't deserve. However, this just isn't always the case when it comes to filing workers' compensation claims. Sometimes employees looking for a way to stay home or collect a large settlement will file a claim, hire a great workers' compensation lawyer, and sit back collecting their monthly payments and fighting for a big payday at the end of the process. Read More