The SSDI Back Pay And Legal Representation Connection

One thing most people know about applying for Social Security is that it takes a long time. The time from when you stop working until the date you are approved can take months and months. All the while, your benefits are accumulating, and this money is known as back pay. Read below to find out why back pay is linked to the way you can have legal help with your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) case. Read More 

When To Hire A Tax Attorney

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to hire a tax attorney over a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) when it comes to your personal tax preparation.  In some respects, both tax attorneys and CPAs perform many of the same functions, but there are some salient differences between the two.  Most importantly, a tax attorney is your personal advocate when it comes to anything tax-related.  A CPA may perform calculations, and help with the mechanics of filling in an individual box on your federal tax return, but tax attorneys can provide greater guidance when it comes to the how regarding your taxes. Read More 

Gender Discrimination At The Workplace

When you live in a small town that doesn't have many businesses in it, finding a job can be a difficult task due to there not being a high demand for employees. After someone is finally able to find a job in such a situation, it is usually a great relief, and they do everything possible to hold on to the position. However, just as it is more difficult to find a job in a small town, it can also be difficult for an employee to find workers. Read More 

Been In A Car Wreck? Here’s How To Handle The Adjuster’s Call

It doesn't take long for an insurance company to leap into action after you've been in a car wreck. An insurance adjuster will likely hurry to get into contact with you, in hopes that your claim can be handled quickly (and cheaply). Be careful. Talking to an insurance adjuster seldom benefits an injury victim. The adjuster's entire job is to minimize the losses the insurance company faces — so they're always listening closely for anything that can be used to devalue your claim. Read More 

The Three Aspects Needed for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

There may come a day where you are injured by another person and feel the need to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, the qualifications for such a lawsuit are not limited to just being injured. There are actually three aspects that are needed if you have any hope to receive compensation for your injury. The Percentage of Fault The first thing to look at is what percentage of fault each person has in the accident. Read More