When Work-Related Accidents Are Personal Injury Issues

Workers' compensation is supposed to pay hurt workers after a work injury or occupational illness. In some cases, workers filing a workers' comp claim are paid what they deserve and can either return to work once they get better or settle with the insurer. There are some cases, though, that may not be appropriate when you take into consideration what the insurer is ready to pay. Read on and find out more. Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Should Take Non-Profit Compliance Seriously

If you operate a non-profit organization, then it's important for you to be aware of the regulations that you have to follow. You should keep the proper records and work with a lawyer who has experience with the non-profit industry so that you can make sure that you are taking compliance seriously. After all, compliance for your non-profit organization is definitely something you should take seriously for these reasons and more. Read More 

Get Your Child The Support They Need

It's not as easy to duck out on child support obligations as it used to be. Child support enforcement agencies have several ways to get to a deadbeat parent and force them to make good on their responsibilities. If you have noticed your ex is not complying with the orders, you have the law on your side. To know how to handle things, read on. Your Ex Has Money Troubles Read More 

Getting A Fresh Financial Start With Bankruptcy Protection

Seeking bankruptcy protection may be the only option available for effectively controlling your debts to get a fresh start. However, bankruptcy is a complicated legal process, and there are many details that individuals may not appreciate. Chapter 13 Protection Can Help To Protect Your Assets Some people believe that every bankruptcy proceeding will result in the petitioner losing all of their assets. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection allows you to avoid the loss of your assets as your debts will be restructured so that you can make the payments more easily. Read More 

Options Available When Expunging Your Criminal Records

Having a criminal record expunged from your records can have a powerful impact on your ability to get a mortgage for a home, find a job, or obtain a professional license. When you have committed a crime, you will have a criminal record that can be researched by the public.  Ways to Expunge Your Record There are different ways that records can be expunged. You may be able to have the records destroyed entirely. Read More