4 Things To Avoid When Trying To Get Workers Compensation

When it comes to being hurt at work, it can be devastating to your financial health. You may be unable to do your job, and this could mean not getting paid. One of the best things to do at this stage is to file for workers compensation. If you're satisfied with your claim, you could get the money you need to survive until you're well again. However, there are certain things you will want to avoid during if you're in this situation, and knowing what these are may be helpful to you. Read More 

Employer Tips For Avoiding Sexual Harassment Liabilities

If you are the owner of a business and are concerned about your liability if an employee files a sexual harassment complaint, then you are right to be concerned. A single badly-behaving employee can do serious damage to your business and you could find yourself in the middle of an expensive lawsuit. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to protect your business from this fate.  Here are some sexual harassment lawyer-approved tips for protecting your business from liability in the case that an employee files a lawsuit against you or one of your employees: Read More 

Husband And Father Divorce Lawyers

Going through a divorce is usually not an easy process. The divorce can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it can be your worst nightmare. Either way, the process is not an easy one. During a divorce, it is very important that you have a legal representative. This is especially true for men, as the playing field is not in the favor of the man. There are a few reasons that men should seek legal representation when going through a lawyer. Read More 

Developed A New Chemical Compound? 4 Reasons You Should Choose Patent Protection Over Trade-Secret Status

If you've developed a new chemical compound, you might have considered protecting it as a trade secret. While this may work well for some soda manufacturers, trade secret status isn't always a reliable way to protect your invention. To reach trade secret status, you need to develop a sure-fire way to protect your product from breach, which can be difficult to do. Here are four reasons why it's smarter to obtain patent protection, instead of going for trade secret status. Read More 

Two Reasons Your Case May Need An Audio/Video Forensics Expert

The proliferation of personal and public recording devices (e.g. traffic cameras, smartphones) means there's a good chance your auto accident was caught on camera. Video and audio evidence can help or hurt your personal injury case, which is why you may want to consider hiring an audio/video forensics expert to review any recorded evidence that may be available. Here are two reasons you should consider this option. To Validate or Invalidate Evidence Read More