What Can Canada’s Recent Marijuana Ruling Mean For Your Cannabis Oil Case?

If you've recently been arrested and charged with possession, sale, or use of medical marijuana, you may be wondering whether you have any recourse. Although some provinces have fairly relaxed drug laws, permitting the sale and use of medical (or even recreational) marijuana, these laws aren't always uniform -- or uniformly enforced. However, a recent decision by the Canada Supreme Court could affect provinces' ability to charge individuals for the use of medical marijuana. Read More 

Can You Sue For Poor Road Conditions?

It is often easy to figure out liability issues when your car accident is caused by another driver, but what happens when there is no other driver, but the accident is caused by the road condition itself? It has been estimated that potholes alone cost motorists more than $6.4 billion per year. Will you have to eat the cost of your repairs, or will you be able to go after the governmental agency responsible for fixing the road? Read More