Equitably Resolving Probate Disputes Over The Estate Of A Deceased Parent

Few times are as somber as when an adult child has to lay one of their parents to rest. You may have cared for your parent at the end of their life, been given power of attorney to make important medical and legal decisions, but making changes to a final will can be acrimonious at best. Whether you are satisfied with your inheritance or believe that the final will left you with an insufficient piece of the estate, you could find yourself disputing how to split up your deceased parent's estate with your siblings. Read More 

Neighbor Disputes: 5 Things You Can Do To Handle The Situation

While it would be wonderful if you could live in a world where there were no bad neighbors, this simply doesn't happen. At some point in your life, you are going to have to deal with a neighbor that decides to play their music as high as it will go or allows their dog to constantly come onto your property and leave "gifts" behind. Believe it or not, disputes among neighbors are pretty common. Read More 

Workers Comp Denial? Here’s Why And What To Do

When you suffered an injury at work and your filed a workers compensation claim, you may have assumed that you would get your medical bills and other injury-related bills taken care of without any trouble. However, there is not always a guarantee when it comes to workers compensation claims and you may have instead received a denial notice for your claim. Before you give up on the issue, get to know some of the reasons that your claim may have been denied and what you may be able to do about the issue. Read More 

Is Challenging A Prenuptial Agreement Possible?

One of the most commonly believed misconceptions about prenuptial agreements is that they cannot be invalidated. The reality is that under certain circumstances, a divorcing spouse could successfully challenge a prenuptial. There are various situations in which this is possible. Here are just a few.   The Prenuptial Was Signed Under Duress  If the court believes that you or your spouse signed the prenuptial agreement under duress, part or all of the agreement could be invalidated. Read More 

Where Boredom Originates In A Marriage And How To Mend It

Every year, thousands of couples get divorced for no better reason than simply being bored with each other. While boredom is definitely a powerful force, is it a good enough reason to divorce? And is there anything that can be done to prevent it? Lack Of Excitement May Hurt A Marriage Boredom is often considered one of the worst reasons to get a divorce, though it may be among the most common. Read More