Husband And Father Divorce Lawyers

Going through a divorce is usually not an easy process. The divorce can be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it can be your worst nightmare. Either way, the process is not an easy one. During a divorce, it is very important that you have a legal representative. This is especially true for men, as the playing field is not in the favor of the man. There are a few reasons that men should seek legal representation when going through a lawyer. Read More 

Developed A New Chemical Compound? 4 Reasons You Should Choose Patent Protection Over Trade-Secret Status

If you've developed a new chemical compound, you might have considered protecting it as a trade secret. While this may work well for some soda manufacturers, trade secret status isn't always a reliable way to protect your invention. To reach trade secret status, you need to develop a sure-fire way to protect your product from breach, which can be difficult to do. Here are four reasons why it's smarter to obtain patent protection, instead of going for trade secret status. Read More 

Two Reasons Your Case May Need An Audio/Video Forensics Expert

The proliferation of personal and public recording devices (e.g. traffic cameras, smartphones) means there's a good chance your auto accident was caught on camera. Video and audio evidence can help or hurt your personal injury case, which is why you may want to consider hiring an audio/video forensics expert to review any recorded evidence that may be available. Here are two reasons you should consider this option. To Validate or Invalidate Evidence Read More 

Bringing In New Evidence After VA Claim Denial

The Veterans Affairs (VA) disability system can be difficult. In addition to being a strict system that has to protect funds for veterans in need, there are systemic problems and scandals that can ruin even a legitimate and well-prepared claim's chances of success. If you've been denied, keep in mind that you can appeal as much as you need to--and that you can ask for help to make sure the job gets done. Read More 

Filing A Decedent’s Taxes As An Executor

When you're an executor of an estate, then one of the things of which you are responsible is the decedent's tax returns. This includes both the individual income tax return and the estate's income tax return. If there is a surviving spouse, then that person may be able to file the individual tax return jointly and that will solve that part of the problem. But if this isn't the case, then you will need to do it yourself as the executor. Read More