Options Available When Expunging Your Criminal Records

Having a criminal record expunged from your records can have a powerful impact on your ability to get a mortgage for a home, find a job, or obtain a professional license. When you have committed a crime, you will have a criminal record that can be researched by the public.  Ways to Expunge Your Record There are different ways that records can be expunged. You may be able to have the records destroyed entirely. Read More 

With Burn Injuries, The Details Matter

A burn injury can have a life-altering effect on the victim. Therefore, compensation for losses not caused by the victim is essential. Although burn injuries are considered personal injury claims, there are special circumstances that apply to these cases. Medical Diagnosis Most burns are visible on the surface and may not require a medical degree to spot. However, your word is not enough to file a claim. You must visit a medical professional to obtain a diagnosis. Read More 

How To Know You’ve Found A Good Personal Injury Attorney

Were you recently injured in a car accident, a workplace incident, an incident inside a local business, or in some other situation where it's obvious that the injury was not your fault? If so, it's possible you are entitled to financial compensation. If you were injured because of someone else's negligence or inability to be responsible, you have the right to pursue civil action. The first step, of course, is finding a local personal injury attorney. Read More 

What’s the Difference Between Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking?

If you've been charged with a drug crime, it's important to understand whether you've been charged with drug possession or drug trafficking. These are two different sets of crimes with very different consequences. Here's what you should know. What Is Drug Possession? Drug possession is the fact of having an illegal drug or a controlled drug without having a prescription for it. The drugs might be on your person, in your home, in your car, or in another area under your control. Read More 

How A DUI Can Affect Your Life And Why You Should Hire An Attorney

If you are dealing with a DUI charge, you may feel nervous and wonder how your life will change. It is understandable that you feel that way because a DUI is a very serious offense. Whether it is your first or second offense, it is important to talk to an experienced DUI attorney promptly. Different Ways a DUI Can Impact Your Life The consequences of a DUI do not stop at jail time. Read More