Why You Should Never Consider Going Through A Divorce Without An Attorney

If you know that you and your spouse are on the verge of a divorce, you might start thinking about how you can handle this on your own. After all, you have probably heard a lot of stories about how expensive a divorce can be. While it is true that it can cost a lot of money, there are some very good reasons as to why you will want to retain a divorce attorney to help you throughout this process. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know About A Personal Injury Case Appeal

You can appeal a personal injury case just as you can appeal a criminal case. However, the laws governing the two types of cases are markedly different. Also, you are bound to lose your appeal if you don't acquaint yourself with the applicable laws first. Below are some of the things you should know about a personal injury case appeal before you talk to your personal injury attorney. Either Party Can Appeal Read More 

Sleep Apnea And Social Security Disability: Facts To Know

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that causes you to briefly stop breathing while you sleep, which interrupts your sleep cycle severely and can have many negative impacts on your day-to-day life. It is estimated that at least 22 million people suffer from sleep apnea, which means that it is a lot more common than most people actually know. Unfortunately, people with sleep apnea can and often do have problems with maintaining steady employment simply because their sleep interruptions have such a drastic impact on how they can perform through the day. Read More 

Red Flags That an Employee Has Filed a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

It would be wonderful if all the employees took their jobs seriously and no one was ever out to get something they don't deserve. However, this just isn't always the case when it comes to filing workers' compensation claims. Sometimes employees looking for a way to stay home or collect a large settlement will file a claim, hire a great workers' compensation lawyer, and sit back collecting their monthly payments and fighting for a big payday at the end of the process. Read More 

Facing A DUI Case?

Few things put a damper on your life the way that a drinking and driving charge will. If you can defend yourself against one of these charges, you should do so at all costs. This means getting the assistance of a DUI attorney and following their advice as you go through the court process. It can feel intimidating and like you are a fish out of water if this isn't something you have ever had to do. Read More