3 Theft Charges A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Defend You Against

In most jurisdictions, it's against the law to take somebody's property without their consent and never return it to them. You could face jail time, fines, or other severe consequences if you're arrested for this crime. Unfortunately, you may be wrongly accused of stealing somebody's property. A criminal defense lawyer can defend you against these charges and get them dropped or reduced if this is the case. Keep reading to learn about three theft charges these lawyers can defend you against. Read More 

3 Reasons Having An Estate Planning Attorney Is Crucial

It is an unfortunate fact that many people ignore the importance of estate planning until it is too late. They may assume that they have sufficient time to plan their estate, only to be struck by a sudden illness. It may also be the case that they are confused about how to go about planning their estate, or that they feel too busy with other responsibilities to do so. Regardless of the reason given, estate planning should always be a priority no matter what age you are, and the best way to effectively plan an estate is by contacting an estate planning attorney. Read More 

Using An Estate Plan To Cover Healthcare Issues

While many associate estate plans with wills and trusts, a complete estate plan also covers things that can occur before death. One of those important considerations is a living will. This form of planning ahead can help your loved ones better cope with your healthcare situation. Read on to find out more.  What to Know About Living Wills These simple documents are known as living wills because they address needs that happen when incapacity occurs before death. Read More 

When Work-Related Accidents Are Personal Injury Issues

Workers' compensation is supposed to pay hurt workers after a work injury or occupational illness. In some cases, workers filing a workers' comp claim are paid what they deserve and can either return to work once they get better or settle with the insurer. There are some cases, though, that may not be appropriate when you take into consideration what the insurer is ready to pay. Read on and find out more. Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Should Take Non-Profit Compliance Seriously

If you operate a non-profit organization, then it's important for you to be aware of the regulations that you have to follow. You should keep the proper records and work with a lawyer who has experience with the non-profit industry so that you can make sure that you are taking compliance seriously. After all, compliance for your non-profit organization is definitely something you should take seriously for these reasons and more. Read More