Libel & Slander: A Quick Look at What Constitutes a Defamation Lawsuit

In a world where communication is fast and easy, information gets spread at the speed of light. Unfortunately, this can have detrimental effects just the same as it has its advantages. In some situations, someone with ill intent can practically ruin the life of another individual. These situations, according to the law, are deemed libel and slander. If you have suffered personal ramifications because of what someone has said about you, you could very well have a personal injury claim on your hands. Read More 

Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation: Should You Do It?

If you suffered an injury at work, it can put you out of work for a significant amount of time. You will likely be entitled to workers' compensation coverage that will pay for your medical needs for your injury. It may also provide you with disability pay while you are unable to work. Many employers will want to settle your workers' compensation claim so they only pay you one lump sum instead of subsequent payments. Read More 

2 Ways That A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Assist You

A bankruptcy attorney is and attorney that focuses his or her practice on helping people or businesses eliminate debt that they are not able to pay at all or in a reasonable amount of time. Listed below are two ways that a bankruptcy attorney can assist you. Help You Discover The Best Debt Resolution Option The biggest way that a bankruptcy attorney can assist you is by helping you to discover the best debt resolution option. Read More 

Moving Into A New Home For The First Time? Why You Should Get Disability Insurance First

Buying a new home can be exciting but it is also a lot of responsibility. Not only are you responsible for the upkeep of the home but also your mortgage payments. Before you sign the dotted line, however, you should make sure you have disability insurance. Below is some more information about this to help you get started. Disability Insurance If you were to get sick and have to miss work for a long period of time, you would have no money coming in, which may result in you losing your home. Read More 

How Do You Recognize The Symptoms Of Housing Discrimination Against Families With Minor Children?

Sometimes, it's tough being a parent. Young families often don't have the money to put a large down payment on a house of their own, so they have to find a suitable rental. Finding a rental in a good neighborhood, with decent rates, the right number of beds, a good school system and a kid-friendly neighborhood isn't always easy to do -- especially if you meet with discrimination just because you have children. Read More