Car Registry In Canada: What You Need To Know About Registering Out-Of-Province Cars

It's illegal to operate an unregistered car in Canada because you cannot purchase the insurance needed without registering the car. If you get pulled over without any registration papers or insurance, you could be in a whole lot of trouble. In short, registering your car is not something you want to delay. If you are looking to register an out-of-province car, this article will give you an in-depth look at some of the more basic questions that you might have on the subject. Read More 

Ask A Lawyer: How Do You Prove Sexual Harassment At Work?

Despite strict workplace equality laws, three in ten Canadians say they have faced sexual harassment at work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, women are four times more likely to suffer this problem than men, but it's seldom easy for anyone to prove one of these allegations. If you feel that somebody is sexually harassing you at work and you want to take action, find out what sort of evidence your lawyer may ask for. Read More 

Considering Skipping The Realtor? 2 Common Mistakes Made By Private Home Sellers

Between the cost of doing a few minor repairs and the various fees and commissions charged by realtors, when it comes to selling your home, chances are you didn't realize just how expensive it can be to sell your home. This is why you've decided to take on the task of selling your home on your own, which for many is the best way to make as much profit as possible. Read More 

Tips For Calculating Loss Of Income Compensation In Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury claims can often be hard to prove, which is why your lawyer will suggest gathering the right types of evidence, and a sufficient amount of evidence. Receiving compensation will require proving someone else was responsible for your injuries, and that the injuries have caused monetary damages, as well as other types of damages. One of these includes loss of wages. Here are three things your lawyer may suggest doing to help you prove the amount of wages you will lose for the rest of your life because of your injuries. Read More 

Public Breastfeeding Laws In Canada | Know Your Rights

The first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week. In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, it's important to discuss the current state of breastfeeding laws in Canada. If you feel like your right to breastfeed your child has been jeopardized (or even if it hasn't yet), you need to know the laws and what you can do about any issues you might face. Breastfeeding Rates in Canada Nearly 90% of Canadian mothers breastfeed immediately after birth. Read More