What Happens If You Do Not Go To Court After Getting Bailed Out Of Jail?

If you get arrested and decide to go through a bail bondsman to get out of jail by paying the bond, you are agreeing to go to court whenever scheduled. Failing to do so will result in problems, and here are several things you should know about this. A Bail Bondsman Pays Your Bail in Exchange for You Following the Court's Orders Bail bondsmen are companies you can go to when you do not have the cash you need to get out of jail. Read More 

4 Steps To Take If Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied

When you're unable to work due to an injury or long-term disability, you should be able to rely on the Social Security benefits you've paid into throughout the course of your working life. Unfortunately, many initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. If this has recently happened to you, however, you should not give up. In fact, there are a few steps you can take to appeal your denial and claim the benefits you may be entitled to. Read More 

4 Things An Employment Lawyer Wants You To Know About Overtime Laws

Most workers know the basics of overtime law, like the fact that hourly workers should generally receive time-and-a-half pay for all hours over 40 worked in a single week. However, there are a lot of nuances and other aspects of overtime law that, sadly, many workers aren't aware of. As a result, hard-working people are essentially robbed of their deserved overtime pay on a daily basis. Specifically, there are a few lesser-known facts about overtime regulations that the average employment lawyer would want all workers to be aware of. Read More 

Method Patent: Protect Your Ideas Legally

Online content and digital creation is a booming business with today's continual influx of technological advances. In addition, the methods to which consumers order products through the creation of new software have increasingly become simplified thanks to innovations. If you have an idea for a method that you would like to put into the mainstream, it is important that you protect it from those who wish to copy it or even steal it from you. Read More 

Getting Back To Compensation: Dealing With A Herniated Disc

If you've been hurt in a car wreck, a back injury can bring more than a fair share of misery and pain. Injuries to the back can affect the entire body, making the smallest of movements agony for those suffering from an impact. This type of injury may not heal quickly and could cause you to put your life on hold for a long period of time. Read on to learn more a common back condition and how to get the money damages you need for it. Read More